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Date&Written by:(28.8.2005- Najeev)

If dreams have a higher purpose,
It is to let one live a life that may never be.
It is the essence of dreaming, the joy of living
In such a world I strive to exist –that I
Cease to exist.
It is in such fear of waking that I forbid to
Yet I know I shall return to the land of slumber,
And there, await my test.
I have failed, I have fallen. In fact, I had never
gotten up…
‘t was a false take, ‘t was this heartache
‘t was the reason I had given up…
it’s now these dreams I seldom visit
where I shall hold you once again,
and awake with a hearty heartache,
a heartbreak of my content.
To taste thy supple lips once more,
I’ll sleep nigh a thousand nights,
I’ll bear a thousand heartaches,
I’ll die a thousand fights…
Yet once more I lie awake with sweat and tears
A mix…
Today I’ll cry a thousand tears,
…last night… I dreamt of bliss…

Written by : Najeev

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