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Happy Endings

Date&Written by:(28.8.2005- Najeev)

It all begins with a single glance
Like a wisp of fresh air
Inhaled. From the depths within,
A terribly pleasant shadow is cast
before ones eyes…blinding it seems.
Blinding one from the surroundings
Of our world.

It begins as a soft melody playing within.
Like a thousand symphonies
Performing –soothing the hardships of life.
This warmth –it is not a lasting happiness.
More of on the contrary…

From the blossoming of the first rose on the stem,
The life of the plant takes on a new stage in life.
Yet the rose will grow old and wither.

The pedals will float away, leaving but a stem –brown,
decaying of life, to grow old and wither away.
That is love…
A fleeting power mixed into the perplexity of our lives.
To ease us through hard times and to hurt us through good.

Love is not the clusters of pure, fresh, morning dewdrops
resting upon a flower –helping and nourishing it to grow.
But rather, it is the chemically polluted
Acid droplets –just waiting,
Clustering… waiting to feed upon the helpless plant.

Nothing in this world we now live in
Is here to stay,
Let love alone.
…don’t believe me?
Think of a true love story which had the
Perfect fairy-tale-like happy ending.
An ending in which both lovers lived happily ever after…
… … … I thought so…

Written by : Najeev

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