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Date&Written by:(28.8.2005- Najeev)

Where does this go? There is no such direction.
No place on this wretched grave.
Nay can a day pass without the revival of
A shattered memory… which way shall I turn?

The morbid fall of the sun in the evening sky…
The dreary harmonies of the early birds…
The poisonous fumes that’s inhaled through a morning yawn
Till the lifeless dreams that swarm these thoughts…
No longer does there exist a time between
The wretched awakening till the silent downfall…
No longer do I wish to fight this battle…
No longer do I wish to swim in my own tears…

Yet… what say does a broken hear have in such decisions…
Very little… for all life had left, the day she walked away…
And left lifetime of pains… as my only exile…
And left a life with nothing to live for…

Written by : Najeev

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