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My Cheap Violin

Date&Written by:(28.8.2005- Najeev)

My cheap violin plays a song
That none can hear –that none
Shall bear.
My cheap violin plays for thee
A song, a lament –I wish’t could be heard.
My song –this lament falls on deaf ears.
Never to be heard.

My cheap violin –pine of blood red, neck of
Ivory black –she plays no song…for no strings bind
Together this piece –its peace…deceased.
My cheap violin, without no string –plays no song.
No harmony shall bear such turmoil.
Without a string my lifeless violin –
She plays no song…
I play no song…
You were my strings –you were my life.
My cheap violin –the torn dwelling
Of my heart…
Together, we play no song...

Written by : Najeev

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