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14 European Countries Into CIA Flights Involve - Under It Germany
Date&Written by: (07.6.2006- Karan)

Germany in the "Spider Net" the CIA
In the affair around CIA activities in Europe the Council of Europe raised heavy reproaches: After its estimate Germany and 13 further European countries with the US secret service co-operated or illegal activities at least waited. In the case of the kidnapped German Khaled el "numerous references the conclusion supported Masri that German services participated, explained..." the Advice Investigater of Europe Thickly Marty in its in Wednesday in of Paris published final report. Germany was also - with tolerance or by carelessness - "starting point" for illegal prisoner flights of the CIA.

Germans supplied obviously information
El Masri had been kidnapped 2003 from Macedonia to Afghanistan. Marty called points, which could refer to a concrete German participation. Thus El Masri was confronted with its questionings with numerous details from its life in new Ulm. "it is with difficulty conceivable that foreign services received these information without assistance their German adversary." Besides El Masri in the detention attendance received from a German-speaking man named "SAM". It identified these after its release as Gerhard Lehmann, a special Investigater of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office.

"Landing Points" in Frankfurt and Ramstein
The Advice Investigater of Europe investigated also, as the CIA terrorst-suspicious arrested and asked. The analysis of the activities revealed "a network, which resembles a spider net, which became to gesponnen over the globe", avowed Marty. It consists of "several landing points", which were connected by civil aircraft or military machines, which the CIA used. For Germany Frankfurt and Ramstein are called.

Long list
"It is now clear that the authorities in several European countries co-operated actively with the CIA with these illegitimate activities", summarized Marty its 67-pages report. States "in different degrees" could be responsible to filters against the rights of individual persons to have offended. Beside Germany Marty enumerated Bosnia-Herzegovina, Great Britain, Italy, Macedonia, Sweden and Turkey. Other countries would have ignored or did not want, explained right offences "it not to know" the nvestigater. It called Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus.

Heaviest reproaches against Romania and Poland
Besides the suspicion "confirmed itself" that there are secret prisons in Romania and Poland. "proofs are not yet available in the classical sense of the term", it are said. It gives however "a number of conclusive elements, which point out that such detention centers in Europe actually existed". It is located at Poland and Romania to disprove the loading material demanded Marty. "the total absence of serious investigations by the national authorities concerned", in addition, missing determination powers and possibilities of the Investigaters justified this reversal of the burden of proof. Both countries rejected the accusations immediately.

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