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Number Two Praises Iraq Terrorist
Date&Written by: (29.4.2006- Karan)

Already again Al Qaida video emerged
Within fewer days Al-Qaida announced itself for the third time toward. In the InterNet a new video of the number two of the terrorist network, emerged Aiman Al-Sawahiri, on Friday. That announces the US news station CNN. Sawahiri praises there in the attacks rebellious in the Iraq and requests the Pakistani to fall president Pervez Musharraf.

Terrorist: The USA the backs broken
Sawahiri therefore explained, with 800 martyr operations of the Al-Qaida since the US invasion into the Iraq before three years the Rebellious USA would have broken to the backs. He said: "we praise Allah that three years suffered losses, disasters and Ungluecke after the Iraq invasion of the Cross knight America, Great Britain and their allied ones only." It is assumed that Sawahiri in the border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan is.

Of Pakistan president as "traitors" insults
Sawahiri called Musharraf a "traitor" in the 15-minutes message, which addresses itself particularly to the Pakistani. Because this placed the atomic program of the country under the supervision of the US government. Sawahiri called the Pakistani to support the Mudshaheddin in Afghanistan with all means.

Army stands behind president
The military speaker of Pakistan Shaukat Sultan explained the army in a first reaction, stands fully behind president Musharraf. Besides pursue it the Al-Qaida terrorists not on behalf of the USA, but in the interest of Pakistan.

Life indication of Bin Laden
A video of Al Qaida boss Osama is Laden on 23 April had been radiated. Two days later a message of the terrorist Abu Musab Al-Sarkawi active in the Iraq followed.

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