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Espionage Axle Moscow - Bagdad
Date&Written by: (25.3.2006- Karan)

Pentagon: Moscow spied in the war for Bagdad
In the Iraq war the Russians supplied allegedly secretofficial information about US troop movements and tactics to the regime with of Saddam Hussein. That comes out from an American study, which published the pentagon on Friday (local time). Afterwards the information originated from "sources" directly in the US central command and by the Russian Ambassador at that time in Bagdad to the Iraqi guidance was conveyed.

Detailed information
According to the report the Iraqis were informed among other things about the fact that the Americans planned to encircle Bagdad by three sides. The largest troop concentration is with Kerbala. It was continued to convey that the Americans would concentrate on a bombardment of Bagdad and the environment and the conquest of Bagdad not before the arrival of the 4. Infantry division will begin about "around 15 April".

Reference in Iraqi document
The more than 200 sides comprehensive study by the united armed forces command (USJFC) one provided. It analyzes the procedures in the Iraq briefly before the war by May 2003 on the basis interviews with high-ranking Iraqi military representatives and civilians as well as by evaluation of hundredthousands Iraqi documents. The fact that Moscow supported Bagdad comes out after USA gifts from a letter of the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs at that time at Saddam Hussein from 2 April 2003.

Nothing new over Federal Intelligence Service activities
Over the extent of German co-operation with the USA during the Iraq war against it nothing stands in the study. The "New York Times" had reported at the end of February, which Federal Information Service (Federal Intelligence Service) had the US military planners intensively supported. The sheet referred to evenly this report of the united military command. Possibly however passages before the publication were painted. When the report the "New York Times" appeared, the study was classified still as secret.

NYT: Federal Intelligence Service conveys defense plan
According to the newspaper it came out from the military report that the Federal Intelligence Service the USA in February 2003 - thus briefly before beginning of the US invasion - which conveyed Iraqi defense plan for Bagdad. The sketch was procured by two Federal Intelligence Service coworkers stationed in Bagdad and the US military during the estimate helped, when and where the dictator at that time wants to position particularly loyale soldiers.

Military is silent to possible cancellations
General Anthony Cucolo of the united armed forces command (USJFC), which is responsible for the study, wanted on Friday before journalists neither to confirm nor disclaim that appropriate data were contained in the secret version of the report. He can express himself not to confidential reports, said the general.

Committee of inquiry in Germany
The Federal Government and the Federal Intelligence Service had rejected the representation the "New York Times" as wrong. It was stressed at the same time that no information had been supplied, which could have been used for attacks on goals. Into Germany the Federal Intelligence Service committee of inquiry is to be used on 31 March by the Bundestag. The committee is to clarify among other things the employment of the Federal Information Service during the Iraq war, the kidnapping of the German-Libanese Khaled el Masri and the CIA - Prisoner of flights.

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