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Pirate Attack US Navy
Date&Written by: (20.3.2006- Karan)

Pirate fire at US war ships
Pirate attacked two American warships before the coast of Somalia on Saturday(18.3.2006). How the pentagon communicated, the US ships answered the fire. A Pirat died, five further was hurt.

Suspicious boat
According to data of the US navy the cruiser "Cape St. George" and the destroyer "Gonzalez" had accomplished approximately 25 nautical miles before the coast of Somalia a "safety operation" in international waters. They became attentive thereby to a ship, which dragged two smaller ships toward coast. When the warships to the suspicious boat approached, Piraten would have opened the fire on board with rocket launchers. The US navy back-fired.

Twelve arrests
US military arrest twelve men, among them the five hurt, continued to be called it. During a search they seized the rocket launcher and several high-speed fire weapons. US military were not hurt.

Pirate in Somali navy
The US ships are according to data of the pentagons part of an international employment command, which controls international waters, in order to ensure security for the commercial navigation. The Taskforce stands at present under Netherlands command. Before the Somali coast since March 2005 altogether 37 Piratenangriffe were registered. In Somalia there is no regular government since 1991. Parts of the earlier Somali navy dedicate themselves the Piraterie.

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