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US Journalist Unmasks CIA Agents Simply Over The InterNet
Date&Written by: (14.3.2006- Karan)

Thousands of names of CIA coworkers, under it also secret agents, can be found completely simple in the InterNet. A reporter of the US newspaper "Chicago Tribune" found 2600 names of coworkers of the US secret service as well as 50 internal CIA telephone numbers, how the sheet reported.

Information about an InterNet service
The journalist contacted in addition simply an InterNet service, which makes openly accessible information available against a fee. The newspaper found the identities of CIA officials, who work on European messages, as well as cover firms, who serve the agent for their legend according to own data also. Also the sheet could identify airplanes, with which terrorist-suspicious are flown to other countries.

CIA boss is "frightened"
On requests of the CIA the newspaper did not publish the names of the agents. With reference to secret service circles the sheet, CIA boss Porter reported poured is "frightened" on the discovery. A spokeswoman of the secret service said, the camouflage of the agents in times of the Internets had become more complex. The secret service works to time to modernize the camouflage methods.

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