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Iran Began Allegedly With Uranium Enrichment
Date&Written by: (13.02.2006- Karan)

Iran begins with the uranium enrichment
Iran began with the work for uranium enrichment. In the Iranian pilot plant Natanz was begun to fill the centrifuges for uranium enrichment with gas. The Iranian government confirmed the last preparations. Before Iran had suspended the negotiations with Russia.

Seals are to be removed
At the pilot plant Natanzs and at parts of the conversion plant in Isfahan should be removed "today or tomorrow" the seals and monitoring cameras of the international atomic energy authority. The reported the semi-official press agency Fars with reference to well informed circles. The distance is necessary to make possible around the uranium enrichment "technically."

New date must be agreed upon
For Thursday the discussions about a common uranium enrichment in Russia, planned in Moscow, would not take place, said the Iranian government spokesman Gholam Gholam-Hussein Elham on Monday in Teheran. Both sides would have to agree upon a new date. During a uranium enrichment in Russia Iran would not have the complete fuel cycle.

"military option" not impossible
In the controversy over the Iran politics outside and safety politicians of the SPD(Germany) do not close a "military option" contrary to party chief Matthias place-hit a corner out. The deputy chairman of the foreign committee in the Bundestag(Lower House of Parliament - Germany), Hans Hans-Ulrich Klose, said to the "Bild" newspaper(Germany), he did not consider a military solution "desirable". It is however correct to take "no option from the table to".

Wulff stands behind Merkel
Place-hit a corner to the "Frankfurt general Sunday newspaper"(Germany) had said, a military procedure against Iran belongs from the table. The deputy CDU(Germany) Federal leader, of Lower Saxony Prime Minister Christan Wulff, supported against it the hard line of Federation chancellor Angela Merkel(Germany) in relation to Iran and its atomic politics. Criticism from the SPD(Germany) at Merkels course rejected Wulff in the interview with "Bild-News Paper(German)" with the expression, controversy in the foreign policy plays "other nations into the hands" and must be avoided. "only the clear Merkel line" prevents that the Iranian president makes Mahmud Ahmadinedshad "far pressure".

Also stein Meier strengthens Merkel
Minister of foreign affairs franc walter stein Meier defended Merkels course likewise. Merkel wanted to prepare not a military option with its expressions on the safety conference in Munich, said stone Meier. "Mrs. Merkel sees - like I - the way over diplomatic solutions, over negotiations, which we want to continue engaged." Merkel and US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had called the world community to prevent Iran from the building from nuclear weapons to.

"we are at the moment in a dead end"
To the question about a military employment in the Iran, which is not excluded for instance from the US government, stein Meier said: "we should not want to answer questions now, do not place themselves." It granted at the same time: "we are at the moment in a dead end with the negotiations."

Bosbach: "being allowed no possibility to exclude"
The deputy chairman of the Union faction in the Bundestag, Wolfgang Bosbach, said to the "Bild" newspaper in view of the notice of the nuclear weapon check contract brought by Ahmadinedshad in the play: "we do not have no possibility on negotiations and diplomacy to set, may however to exclude - also the military".

The USA keep themselves "all options open"
The USA continue to set in the atomic controversy with Iran on a peaceful solution, keep themselves however all possibilities open. "all options" are on the table, said US Foreign Minister Condoleezza Rice on Sunday and reacted with it to a British newspaper report, according to which the USA prepared detailed plans for an air raid on Iranian atomic plants.

Rice: "durable answer"
Ever more states are itself united that Iran must be prevented from the possession of nuclear weapons, said Rice. It showed up confidently that one could also reach this by a "durable" answer of the uncertainty advice on diplomatic way.

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