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Israel Reflects Upon Retaliation
Date&Written by:(27.10.2005- Karan)
Islamic Dshihad is to pay for attack in Hadera.  More...

Eleven Dead Ones With Fire In Airport Prison
Date&Written by:(27.10.2005- Karan)
Amsterdam: Didn't guard take the fire first seriously? Of unknown reasons the fire broke out at the night - which became building evacuated.  More...

View Into Far Worlds - Largest Telescope Shoots First Photos
Date&Written by:(26.10.2005- Karan)
The Large Binocular Telescope in Arizona is so strong that still in 2.5 million kilometers distance a burning candle is to be recognized.  More...

Does Not Run Approximately - "The Darkest Days Of The Bush Presidency"
Date&Written by:(26.10.2005- Karan)
Dead US soldiers in the Iraq, a unmasked CIA spy, the resignation of the republican boss - Bush is at the deeply point of its term of office.  More...

Right Rebels In The State Apparatus
Date&Written by:(26.10.2005- Karan)
Of Colombia president the bosses of the secret service fire.  More...

New Pressure On Damascus
Date&Written by:(26.10.2005- Karan)
France and the USA demand sanctions because of Hariri murder.  More...

The Terrorist War Of Al- Qaida: Historically Seen Nothing New
Date&Written by:(23.10.2005- Karan)
A Tuebinger(Germany) research project examined the quality of the Islamic terrorist.  More...

Many Passengers Survive
Date&Written by:(23.10.2005- Karan)
A Boeing 737 fell in Nigeria north of Lagos.  More...

Crackes Caper 1.5 Million PCS
Date&Written by:(23.10.2005- Karan)
Succeeded it succeeded to three young dutchmen to develop a gigantic network from did caper computers. A simple worm was sufficient.  More...

Russian Rocket Too Dirty - Esa Must Shift Venus Mission
Date&Written by:(22.10.2005- Karan)
The first European Venus mission should start on Wednesday - that does not give a new date yet.  More...

Highest mafia-Boss Is Probably Covered By The Pollitics
Date&Written by:(22.10.2005- Karan)
An Italian public prosecutor accuses politics and institutions of to support the volatile Cosa Nostra boss Provenzano for 40 years.  More...

Trial Prelude In Bagdad - Saddam Plays The President
Date&Written by:(20.10.2005- Karan)
Highly raised head did not enter the Iraqi ex dictator the court room - from regret a trace.  More...

Bill Gates Against Copy Protection
Date&Written by:(19.10.2005- Karan)
The Microsoft-boss does not think anything from the copy protection - if it around the DVD successor goes. Maintenance giant Sony had to leave itself fallen sharp criticism.  More...

Right Identification Behind Bullet-Proof Glass
Date&Written by:(19.10.2005- Karan)
Saddam process begins: The tyrant must answer for itself   More...

Coole Software Gives Away Gates
Date&Written by:(17.10.2005- Karan)
Freeware, which may not miss you.  More...

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