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Labor Disputes Around TableDance
Date&Written by:(13.12.2005- Karan)
In Australia: Above without is down more under soon correctly which to cost.  More...

Europe Wants Clarity Of The USA
Date&Written by:(22.11.2005- Karan)
Secret CIA prisons: Does the Federal Intelligence Service [BND] know?  More...

Tony Does Not Get A Flier: "Blair Force One" Remains A Dream
Date&Written by:(20.11.2005- Karan)
The British Prime Minister wanted to take off like the US president. Minister of Finance Brown fetched Blair back on the soil.  More...

Secret Offices Against Terrorist
Date&Written by:(19.11.2005- Karan)
US secret service CIA is to maintain anti-terrorist centers also in Europe.  More...

Can End To Screws Sales In The Prison
Date&Written by:(17.11.2005- Karan)
With terrorists one should make better no business. Who sells also only one screw to a terrorist-suspicious, which million-penalties threaten and punish prison even for many years.  More...

Sri Lankan Children Differ On How To Best Achieve Peace In Their HomeLand
Date&Written by:(15.11.2005- Karan)
The vast majority of Sri Lankan children want an end to the war that has long plagued their Indian Ocean nation, but differ on how to achieve peace, according to a survey released Monday(14.11.2005).  More...

"Enemy Of The Islam"
Date&Written by:(14.11.2005- Karan)
Al Qaida sees alleged in Queen Elizabeth II hard opponents.  More...

A Britisher Is To Have Defeated AIDS
Date&Written by:(14.11.2005- Karan)
Andrew Stimpson would be first humans of the world, to who succeeds.  More...

Super Speed Star Discovers
Date&Written by:(10.11.2005- Karan)
2,6 Million kilometers per hour - faster was so far none.  More...

Space Tractor Is To Bring Asteroiden On Right Way
Date&Written by:(10.11.2005- Karan)
In order to prevent a collision with the earth, the heavenly bodies assistance of the natural attraction of the tractor could be diverted.  More...

Federal Intelligence Service[BND] Warns Of ABC Weapons: The West Is Threatened
Date&Written by:(10.11.2005- Karan)
Masses destructive weapons represent the largest danger for the western civilization in opinion of German safety experts.  More...

Al-Qaida Announces Revenge Campaign
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
Iraq: The terrorist sarkawi threatens the USA with a against offensive.  More...

Saddam Process: Lawyer Murdered
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
The defender was shot in bagdad on open road.  More...

Australia Defeats Assassination Attempt
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
The police takes 16 suspects firmly and guarantees chemicals.  More...

Sensation Photo From The Universe
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
The largest ice mountain of the world breaks before the antarctic coast.  More...

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