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"US campaign against Germany"
Date&Written by:(13.01.2006- Karan)
Intelligence service Expert: Becoming known the Federal Intelligence Service assistance in the Iraq is not coincidence, but "part of a psychological war guidance",secret service connoisseur Schmidt Eenboom said.  More...

Iran 'Not Worried' About UN
Date&Written by:(13.01.2006- Karan)
IRAN shrugged off this morning its possible referral to the UN Security Council, saying it was "not worried" after Europe and the US urged UN action on Iran's nuclear ambitions.  More...

Blair threatens UN action on Iran
Date&Written by:(11.01.2006- Karan)
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair says Iran's decision to resume its nuclear activities is likely to result in a referral to the UN Security Council.  More...

UN Sanctions Won't Force Iran To Change Nuclear Programs
Date&Written by:(11.01.2006- Karan)
Iran's nuclear program will not be impeded by any sanctions the West may impose, former president Hashemi Rafsanjani said Wednesday as calls mounted for Iran to be referred to the UN Security Council for its decision to break UN seals at a uranium enrichment plant.  More...

Purposeful Abortion Of Girls Leads To Lack Of Woman In India
Date&Written by:(09.01.2006- Karan)
The births of up to 10 million girls in India may have been prevented by selective abortion in the past 20 years, researchers say.  More...

"Bush, Recognizes Defeat On!"
Date&Written by:(06.01.2006- Karan)
Message of the Bin Laden vice. Bin Laden deputy Ajman Al-Sawahiri requested the US president in a video message to recognize its "defeat".  More...

Bush Positive About War on Terror
Date&Written by:(04.01.2006- Karan)
WASHINGTON - President Bush predicted Wednesday that the new year will bring advances and more international cooperation in the war on terror, giving an upbeat assessment after meeting with his top military commanders from Iraq and Afghanistan.   More...

Report: The USA Examine Impact Against Iran
Date&Written by:(28.12.2005- Karan)
Atomic controversy: Washington increases allegedly the pressure. Only one threatening window blind? In the controversy over the Iranian atomic program Washington wants to increase the pressure to Teheran, reports the "daily mirror".  More...

FBI Supervises US Muslims
Date&Written by:(25.12.2005- Karan)
Federal police examines houses and mosques for radioactive radiation.  More...

Do The USA Plan Missile Attacks On Goals In Iran?
Date&Written by:(24.12.2005- Karan)
Particularly in the Nato-country Turkey upon an impact against Iranian atomic plants one speculates.  More...

The Next Tsunami Is Only One Question Of The Time
Date&Written by:(21.12.2005- Karan)
Researchers count already soon on a new heavy sea-quake in Asia. They think capable of to early warning systems only little.   More...

No Clearance For Actions
Date&Written by:(21.12.2005- Karan)
Rumsfeld doubts the influence Osama Bin Laden's on Al Qaida.  More...

UN Wants To Protect Crisis States Relapse In Chaos And Force
Date&Written by:(21.12.2005- Karan)
A new commission is to help unstable countries to secure the peace durably.  More...

Milestone Of The Archaeology
Date&Written by:(16.12.2005- Karan)
Suns observatory in Goseck is reconstructed finished.  More...

Bush Calls Iran A Threat
Date&Written by:(16.12.2005- Karan)
The US president swears to again the "axle of the bad one".   More...

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