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Outlook Express Is Called In The Future Windows Mail
Date&Written by:(22.9.2005- Karan)
Microsoft has admits given that the Mail Client "Outlook express" will be contained in Windows Vista, there however the names "Windows Mail" will carry. With renaming Microsoft wants apparent ensuring that it does not come no more to mistakes with "Outlook", which is attached among other things to the Office package.

On Microsofts Channel 9-Website can be already thrown in a video a short view of "Windows Mail". In this it is among other things explained that the Outlook express successor its no more will store data in "dbx -", but in the standard format "eml". Thus in the future also the size limit for the data base of Outlook express will be void.

At present Windows Mail still is just like Windows Vista in the development. Bryan Starbuck(Germany), one the developer of Windows Mail, explains in its Blogthat the Mail Client will have Spam a filter, which was reserved so far the large brother "Outlook". Also the surface of Windows Mail will be similar from Outlook.

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