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"An Obligation Download"
Date&Written by:(06.01.2006- Karan)
Microsoft closes dangerous safety gap
Microsoft published a safety update against the malicious weak point in the treatment of WCF image files. However the reputation of such a picture is sufficient, in order to infect the PC with parasits. This happens without effort of the user - Surfen in the InterNet is sufficient. The company advises each Windows user urgently to up-pass on immediately the Patch.

Contaminated pictures of all locating
The Patch closes a safety gap in the treatment of WCF image files. A regarding one with attack code contaminated picture in the Browser or email program is sufficient, in order to get hurdles of Spyware, Trojan and other parasits on the PC. Besides it is an easy, a WCF picture as JPG to camouflage GIF or other display format. Behind any picture in the InterNet thus malicious harming programs could lurk, particularly since the threat increases further strongly.

Microsoft gives way to pressure
The necessary attack code in addition spreads like a run fire: Already short time after becoming known emerged in the InterNet of thousands of web pages, on which contaminated pictures lurk. Safety experts speak meanwhile of "possibly the largest safety hole in Windows operating systems at all". Microsoft now obviously gave way to the public pressure - as answer to the strong reactions of its customers, as the software house on its web page communicates.

Download: safety update for Windows (KB912919)

Preferred Patchday
The software softwareschmiede interrupts thereby its monthly update cycle. First Microsoft let announce, which would appear update on 10 January in the context of the monthly "Patchdays". Safety experts appeared due to the danger of the safety gap heavily disappointed and demanded an immediate supply of the update against the dangerous safety gap. Meanwhile already was a solution of other place.

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