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Trojan Wishes "Glad Celebration"
Date&Written by:(22.12.2005- Karan)
Dangerous Trojan wishes "Glad Celebration"
Worms and Trojan horses, which avail themselves the topic Christmas, in order to deceive potential victims, have at present boom. The safety experts of Panda software warn before Trojan horse, which forwards, to be a Christmas greeting actually however personal information collect and itself by email common.

Trojan hides itself in the appendix
The "MerryX.A" baptized parasit "Merry Christmas comes! as email with the reference" and the text "Merry Christmas and A Happy new Year!". In the appendix two files, one of it are are a GIF animation named "a_lightsmc10.gif", the other one are RSR archives named "merry christmas!.rar". While the GIF animation is harmless, archives contain the actual parasit as "SQLserver.exe" as well as an Flash animation. And straight those is dangerous.

Flash film has it in itself
While those is played Christmas Flash animation, the Trojan horse installs itself secretly in the background. The file "SQLserver.exe" is put down in the System32-Listing and runs from now on unnoticed as service in the background. It collects data as for instance the current IP address, logs keyboard entries and sends the data to a server in the InterNet. Further more it tries to reload further files from the InterNet.

Miserliness with address publication
Since straight at the end of the yearly also many Christmas greeting and good desires are sent away for the new year, you should be very attentive, which files open you. If you dispatch greetings, register the addresses of the receivers into the field "blind copy" (Bcc) and only your own in the field for the destination address. With the fact you avoid that all addresses are conveyed to all receivers. The next worm, which hits with one the receiver, sends itself away otherwise also to all these addresses.

Examine your PC now for safety gaps and virus infestation!

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