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Virus Killer Gives Away Gates
Date&Written by:(15.12.2005- Karan)
Microsoft Tool removes Sony Rootkit
Viruses and worms are further on the advance. Microsoft offers a free Tool, which releases Windows from the worst parasits. Now a new version appeared, which removes also the hot discussed "Sony Rootkit" - a "obligation down load" for all Windows users.

Virus killer and safety check
The new virus killer of Microsoft and further useful Tools & cheat find you on the following sides [Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool (KB890830)] - examine your PC now for viruses and safety gaps!

Download: Tool constitutes root kit
The number of the virus families, which the Microsoft Removal Tool fights, increases in the comparison to the previous version by three to 51. Also on board is also the recognition of the root kit, which was used with Sonys copy protection XCP. Microsoft had classified the root kit as a parasit and it the name "F4IRootkit" had given. The Tool recognizes the root kit, even if it were installed among other things names and with other Registry keys than of the Sony BMG CDs.

No replacement for anti-virus software
The Tool examines the computer for infestation with parasits. it becomes to discover, it offers to delete the recognized viruses. The program carries however no permanent monitoring out of the system in the background and cannot therefore not against an infection protect. Besides it recognizes a tiny selection of the world-wide active parasits with 51 viruses and worms only, so that it does not represent replacement for a professional anti-virus software.

Underestimated risk: Trojan
Trojan recognizes and removes the virus hunter from Microsoft not. The espionage tools unnoticed working in the background are particularly strongly common. Particularly since the insidious programs the computer to remote control can possibly install and further invisible Spyware on the stricken PC. With samples among 4100 participants the safety professionals counted on the average 20 detective per computer, covered, by Web root software.

Viruses and Trojan - Are you safe?
Some Trojan to look passwords out, others use the infected PC than Spam machine or start a DOS attack on Web servers. In short: Many computer users possess a virus centrifuge, without knowing it. Only if friends and colleagues deduct themselves about contaminated enamels to weight or high sums of money by the own bank account, the truth comes to the light.

Examine your PC now for safety gaps and virus infestation!!

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