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Update For The InterNet Explorer
Date&Written by:(14.12.2005- Karan)
IE update: Microsoft locks Trojaner out
With the last Patch Day in this year Microsoft worries about the weakest point: the InterNet Explorer. The new safety update contains four new error corrections, of which two are as critically classified. Among them also the Browserluecke, over which Trojan can be transferred. This happens without effort of the user - alone Surfen in the InterNet is sufficient.

Experts advise to the update
Windows users should thus absolutely and immediately install the safety update, in order to be safe before each kind of attack. Even if the InterNet Explorer not when Hauptbrowser is used, is act in demand.

Malicious web pages repel
Beside the critical safety gaps the update plugs also two as "means" classified safety problems. In a case manipulated Download dialog fields can be used by aggressors, in order to infect a PC with harmful programs. Over the second hole sensitive information about existing safety divices could be openly put such as Firewall and virus scanners.

Open back entrance closes
When these gaps for attacks are abused, only one question of the time seems. Only at the end of November had to add Microsoft one for months well-known gap for transferring and implementing code - the mentioned Trojaner - to have surveyed. After Microsoft made now safety susceptibilities public and the pertinent update for the IE published, the attacks could increase. The more importantly it is thus to install the update.

IE gap was for months well-known
First Microsoft assumed that that the weak point leads only to the crash of the Browsers, not however for transferring a Trojans is suited - dangerous false estimate. Previous week warned Microsoft for the first time of a Trojan, which uses for months the well-known gap.

Anti-virus software on the newest conditions bring
The behavior explanation by Microsoft, how important it is for each Windows user to install a virus scanner that the system permanently supervises. But virus scanner really offers protection only if the signature files of the software are kept current.

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