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Update Packs For XP & 2000: New Versions Appeared
Date&Written by:(10.11.2005- Karan)
Additionally Winboard.org offers also the updates Packs for all Windows XP owners, whom either Windows XP inclusive SP 2 into English language (update packs XP SP2 2,10 - English) or Windows XP inclusive SP 1 in German language (update luggage XP SP1 1,15) use.

The update packs for Windows 2000 with installed service packs 4 appeared in the version 1.18. In the comparison to the previous version the mentioned safety update KB 896424 was added here.

The update luggage XP SP2 2,10 brings it meanwhile on a Download large of 70 MB. Who had already loaded the previous version down, which can seize also to the update, which is large 3.1 MB.

On a size of 74,6 MB it brings the update to packs Windows 2000 in the new version 1.18. Also here can be seized to the update by the version 1.17 on 1.18, which is large 1.5 MB.

The updates packs CD, which contains all updates pack of Winboard on image, is present at present still in the old version 1.1 and on the coming weekend in an updated version will only appear.

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