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Microsoft Warns of Windows
Date&Written by:(08.11.2005- Karan)
Pictures make Windows uncertain
Microsoft improves again once after. The youngest safety patch plugs several weak points, which are connected all with the representation of pictures. The errors can be used by hackers, in order to penetrate into a computer. Concerned of the leakages Windows XP systems are main.

Hostile takeover with Web trip
If users open manipulated diagrams in the display format according to Windows Mettafile (WMF) and Enhanced Metafile (EMF), an aggressor can bring programs to the crash or attain even control of the system. Simple surf in the net is sufficient, in order to infect the PC with harmful program parts. WMF /EMF diagrams can be to place in web pages, in enamels or Office documents.

Experts advise to the update
Microsoft classifies the gap as "critically". The software giant advises all XP users urgently to install immediately the current update. With the Security Patch no examination of the Windows license is necessary.
safety update for WMF /EMF diagrams (KB896424)

Windows Tool for removing from viruses and worms
With the Security Patch Microsoft renewed to be simultaneous "Windows Tool for removing malicious software". It through forest the non removable disk meanwhile after 48 most well-known parasits. If it becomes fuendig, it releases the system from the computer virus. Corrupted or did not infect files can the Microsoft Tool however not repair respectively to repel.

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