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Crackes Caper 1.5 Million PCS
Date&Written by:(23.10.2005- Karan)
Crackes hacked 1.5 million computer
The fact that criminal Crackes viruses, Trojaner and others cheat use, in order to connect computers secretly to "Zombie nets", is long well-known. In Holland three such Cracks before court are located. The process shows, where the problem really lies.

Computers work coordinated
At the beginning of of Octobers dealt at the Netherlands police a reference of the well-known Providers XS4All, with its servers ran strange things: Numerous computers by customers seemed to become parallel active in coordinated way. That smelled after a "Botnet" or "Zombie". Here had hackers or Crackes the computers of private individuals cracked and did abuse them now for their purposes?

Three Dutchmen accused
Exactly, the investigators of the Dutch police decided that fast - and nearly still faster they created the access. No two weeks after first sending the virus, which had created the offering net, see themselves confronted to time three 19, 22 and 27 years old Dutchmen with an accusation.

Zombie network from 1.5 million pc's
First it had been called, to them the manipulation by over 100.000 computers was accused. Wrongly that was not not necessarily precise, in addition,: On Thursday the public prosecutor's office in Breda explained, now goes it by 1.5 million PCS, which are to have connected the three allegedly to a Zombie network.

Money governs the world - also the virtual
With criminal intentions. Differently than with the "fun Crackes" of past years ever more frequently strong financial interests are behind virus and trojan sending, behind data in-breaks and Denial-of-service- attacks and behind phishing.

Extortions planned
The netherlands group, which probably consists of more than the three arrested men, set on a sufficiently well-known prescription to come to money: It tried to use a Zombien net as threatening window blind in an extortion.

A worm was sufficient
The crackes had fished itself the Zombie net of computers, to which the group entrance had and over it at least partial control, by virus sending: With a variant of the Wurms W32.Toxbot it succeeded to them to connect incomprehensible 1.5 million computer to a net for denial of service attacks.

eBay account information stolen
There the "business model" set: A US company soon already got electronic post office. Contents: Pay, or we shoot your servers. Besides still one tried to measure Paypal and eBay account information.

Only one offering net under many
All that is little surprising and at the same time nevertheless again. The Botnet uncovered now is the largest, which one could identify, to commentated Simon Hania of XS4All, but in the long run it is nevertheless only "a drop in an ocean".

Relatively harmless worm as tool
Precariously is correct, how more unspektakulaer the whole procedure actually ran off. Toxbot is considered as a worm, which created it to no remarkable spreading. Its damage potential is estimated as more medioker. Besides all offerers of virus protection software had offered within shortest time an update for Toxbot: Who kept its virus protection software current, its computer against Toxbot had immunisiert, before also only one chance had to spread correctly.

Computer security needs not pronouncedly
That nevertheless 1.5 million computer of the worm be "opened" should, is an evidence of incapacity. During otto ordinary consumer reglar evening its house ramming, as if the idea of the Hunnen would stand before, is still coined/shaped handling computer nets of to large carelessness.

Worm spread independently
Belonged Toxbot not to the class of the worms spread by E-Mail, which presuppose active assistance of the Mailempfaengers (for example by opening a virus-contaminated appendix of file). Toxbot spread to a large extent "independently" by utilization of three safety gaps in the operating system Windows - also that is everything but rarely.

InterNet Explorer opens door and gate
Such viruses aiming at system weak points spread over the net: With some of them it is enough to connect the computer simply with the InterNet - that is, as if one would be caught a flu during the travel in the underground. Others create the infection by utilization of safety gaps in Browser software: For approximately two years there are viruses, to which as "interface" for breaking the system of the InterNet open Explorer was enough.

Patches is already enough available
For reflexful Microsoft Bashing this case offers however to no cause: The safety gaps by Microsoft in October 2002, July 2003 respectively April 2004 were closed. A condition to become "shot" by Toxbot was thus a renouncement of each care of the operating system since at least April 2004. That there were at all still 1.5 million computers, which survived the Cyber diseases circulating since then like "Sasser" at all, there perhaps is the actually unusual at the whole case.

Users should update regularly
Because slowly it should have gotten around itself that also computers "inoculate themselves" leave: Their serum, in order to make it immune to thousands of viruses and worms, which are programmed each year, is called updates. Safety experts guess/advise to regular updates of virus protection software and Firewall, and as "also critically" designated safety gaps in operating systems one should repair regularly.

Microsoft improves industriously after
Principal purpose of all hackers is Microsofts operating system Windows, which offers this also powerfully much opportunity to the gravely abuse. Microsoft reacts to the meticulousness of the Hacks and Cracks, which find always new safety gaps, with the "update Tuesday": In each case on the second Tuesday of a monthly Microsoft publishes the current updates. That is worthwhile itself, because on several hundred safety leakages in the year it brings Windows loosely. Whom this Update is too toilsome, it can let automatic settle from Windows. Of the fact that that is necessary, one will be able itself to convince in the next weeks with the process in Breda.

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