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Bill Gates Against Copy Protection
Date&Written by:(19.10.2005- Karan)
Bill Gates ranted against blu ray disc
Bill Gates shoots sharply: In the continuous duel around the follow-up format of the DVD the Microsoft boss found harsh words against Sonys Blu ray Disc. "the copy protection of the DVD succession format contradicts the interests of the user", said it to the newspaper "The Daily Princetonian". This was one of the principal reasons, why Microsoft decided against Blu ray the Disc. "the incommodity is that those of studios will run too much protection received at expense of the consumers and (the Disc) not well on PCS", did not say the Microsoft founder the sheet.

Copy protection is to be loosened
In the wrangling around the future DVD standard Microsoft and Intel had struck themselves recently on the side of Toshiba. They want to support the Blu ray Konkurrenzformat "HP-DVD". Also the coming operating system Windows Vista will support the HP-DVD. Among the advocates of the Blu ray Disc as DVD successors among other things industry heavyweights rank such as Sony, Panasonic, Apple and Dell as well as Columbia tri star, MGM, Disney and 20th Century Fox.

No agreement in view
Communication attempts between the competitive parties remained so far unsuccessful. At present it does not look in such a way, as if there would be a concerted solution in the format controversy. Paramount Pictures and Warner Home video announced to want to set with future film publications both on Blu ray and on HP-DVD. But is not helped the consumer thereby with the question, which soft and hardware it are to add themselves in the future. In the worst case a controversy threatens as in the eighties between video home system and beta max. At that time Sony had to put a defeat in. The video home system inventor JVC could succeed against beta max.

Bill could drive also double-railed
Also Intel and Microsoft could drive in the future double-railed. According to US media Intel is allegedly ready for the parallel support of the Blu ray Disc, if a local copy of Disc contents is possible there. So far make possible only the HP-DVD (secured) a copy on audio/video servers. Also Bill Gates suggested that one will support the Blu ray Disc, if the copy protection were loosened. With the physical format one has actually no problems.

Do physical media have soon retired?
If one believes Bill Gates, Blu ray Disc and HP-DVD are anyway the last Disc formats, which will ever appear. In the future, the Microsoft founder stressed Daily Princetonian "opposite" The, everything directly or on non removable disk is gestreamt. Therefore it is also uncertain to what extent the Blu ray Disc is to be attached at all still meaning.

Superdisks with large storage capacity
Blu ray and HP-DVD stand for the HDTV technology and get finally also highly soluble motion picture films on the television screen. They store 30, 50 or even up to 100 gigabyte and use blue instead of red (DVD) laser light. Advantage of the HP-DVD: It is not simpler to manufacture and necessarily in contrast to the Blu ray Disc a sleeve. In addition the existing production plants for DVDs can be used for their production.

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