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Coole Software Gives Away Gates
Date&Written by:(17.10.2005- Karan)
Coole Microsoft Tools for PC foxes
Microsoft places innumerable additive Tools and system components for Windows to the free Download to the order, in order to extend the system to optimize and secure. In this Download Special we show you, which Microsoft programs should miss you in no case.

World clock,Medienplayer & pocket calculator
The Windows Media Player 10 offers more versatile possibilities opposite the predecessor with the search and the Download of digital media. Microsoft time zone indicates date and time of different places approximately to the task border in the Systemtray around the world. With computer pluses makes available Microsoft in addition an extended Windows pocket calculator.

Useful Office Tools
Who has no new Microsoft Office version, -Excel and PowerPoint Viewer as file viewers for the fast view of Word documents, Excel tables and PowerPoint presentations can use the ms Word. Something similar has the Office animation run time in the sense. Thus the user can regard a PowerPoint presentation with animations directly in the InterNet Explorer.

Practical tools
Lookout is a fast search machine for the Mail Client Outlook and offers opposite the normal Outlook Suchfunktion more comfort and new functions. Useful is also PowerToys. This software package extends the operating system by eleven small tools, whereby TweakUI and Clear type are particularly interesting.

Windows XP make safer
With the service luggage 2 for Windows XP reacted to Microsoft to the safety problems of its operating system and a number of deeply seizing changes at the safety functions made. The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer makes itself on the search to safety gaps, missing Patches as well as other insufficient safety attitudes and weak points. The Windows Tool for removing malicious software however examines whether usually spread the system of one of the eight worms and viruses is knit.

Driver basic equipment
Microsofts Multimedia- Driver collection DirectX is almost indispensable. This optimizes the achievement of diagrams, videos, 3D-Animationen and Surround sound and is a condition for numerous PC plays. A further important system component is NET Framework The software is among other things helpful in providing and implementing Web-based applications and XML Web services.

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