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Windows Patch Puts Lamely To Computer
Date&Written by:(17.10.2005- Karan)
Embarrassing breakdown at Microsoft: Who provided its Windows PC previous week with the fresh safety updates, a bad surprise could experience. One of the eight patches is to cause "serious difficulties", communicated Microsoft.

Windows partly dismantles
The update KB902400 should repair actually critical weak points of the operating system Windows, led however with some systems to the fact that further problems arose. Thus Microsoft that users could not announce themselves thereafter no more at the PC, reports services such as Windows Installer and Windows Firewall does not start, or the file "network connections" was emptied.

Network as to stumbel falls
Reason for the problems are changes at the standard authorizations for the COM+-Catalog listing, which makes the update. Users of the Home edition of Windows might be hardly affected by this error, so that an installation of the Patches in each case should take place. A revised version of the Patches does not give it yet. The software giant describes however in the Knowledgebase article 909444, how the errors can be eliminated.

Windows Tool for removing from viruses and worms
Beside the Patches for Windows itself Windows users know also the updated "Windows Tool ready for removing malicious software" for the Download. It examines first whether the system is stricken by one of the usually spread worms - by Blaster and Sasser up to Mydoom and Sober. If it becomes fuendig, it releases the system from the parasit.

Hackers lock out
The numerous attacks in the previous year showed, how important it is to eliminate as fast as possible weak points in the operating system. Well-known safety gaps in Windows served "Sober", "Mytob" and CO repeated as door for strange systems. The installation of all Sicherheitspatches is advisable therefore in each case. With the selection of the suitable patches the "Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer". The on-line Tool makes itself on the search to safety gaps, missing Patches and other weak points - in addition there are Tipps and left for the recovery of the problems.

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