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Gates Gives Away virus killers
Date&Written by:(11.10.2005- Karan)
Microsoft Tool releases now from 43 viruses and worms
Since beginning of the yearly offers Microsoft a Freeware Tool for Windows XP and 2000, which release stricken PC from certain viruses and worms. Now the software giant gave the version to 1.9 to the Download freely. The number of the parasits, which the program recognizes and eliminates, rises thereby to 43.

Fight of new worm families
The developers extended the free "Windows Tool for removing malicious software" in relation to the September version by some again discovered worm families: Antinny, Gibe, Mywife and Wukill.

No replacement for anti-virus software
The Tool examines first whether the system is stricken by one of the 43 parasits. If it becomes fuendig, it offers to delete the recognized worms and viruses. The program carries however no permanent monitoring out of the system in the background and cannot therefore not against an infection protect. Besides it recognizes only a small part of the world-wide active parasits, so that it does not represent replacement for a professional anti-virus software.

List of the recognized parasits in version 1.9
Antinny, Bagle, Bagz, Berbew, Bobax, Bropia, Doomjuice, Dumaru, Esbot, Gael, Gaobot, Gibe, Goweh, Hackdef, Hacty, Kelvir, Korgo, Lovgate, Mimail, Msblast, MyDoom, Mytob, Mywife, Nachi, Netsky, Optix, Optixpro, Purstiu, Randex, Rbot, Sasser, Sdbot, Sober, Sobig, Spybot, Spyboter, Wootbot, Wukill, Yaha, Zafi, Zindos, Zotob and Ispro.

Underestimated risk: Spyware
PC users are spied - without they notice it. With samples among 4100 participants the safety professionals of Web root software counted on the average 20 espionage programs per computer. Many users, so Web roots, are aware of the danger, do not install programs from zwielichtigen sources or are insufficiently protected for the Web trip.

Are you safe?
Many computer users possess a virus centrifuge, without knowing it. Only if friends and colleagues about contaminated enamels or viruses on CDs even burned weight, the truth comes to the light.

Examine your PC now for safety gaps and virus infestation!!!

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