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Worms Are To Make Them Selves Useful
Date&Written by:(07.10.2005- Karan)
For the first time the pro and cons are not discussed by good-like worms. Dave Aitel of the New York IT-company Immunity Inc. now its "Nematoden" presents worms mentioned. They are to spread within a network strictly controlled and recognize and eliminate weak points.

Dave Aitel presented his theses and the Nematode Framework to the safety conference "Hack in The Box" in Malaysia. It presented also equal a new programming language, which it "NIL" (Nematode Intermediate Language)called. Thus Exploits (utilization of safety gaps) are to be able to be converted fast and simply in Nematoden. These could eliminate then in the network automatically the weak points. They are to fulfill, approximately in the firm net for the newest files to a given topic look for also completely different tasks.

Aitel classified the level of development of the Nematoden concept of its company as a feasibility proof on laboratory level. That means it in the plain language that it functions in a small, final network under exactly well-known conditions and with an accurately defined task. Up to the operational readiness in material networks it is however still another far way Aitel estimates that it could take still five years, until it and its colleague a ready for the market product show can.

Critic signs with such beginnings regularly off. They fear that such user causes usually more problems, than they could solve ever.

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