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Trojan Horse Aims At Acccess Gap
Date&Written by:(06.10.2005- Karan)
In Microsoft Office waits a safety gap already since a half year after by an update to be closed. Meanwhile Symantec discovered a Trojan horse, which uses this weak point.

The parasit designated of Symantecas"Backdoor.Hesive " is hidden in Access files (* mdb). If an in such a manner prepared file is opened, it comes to a crash with buffer overflow. Harmful code into the main memory and is implemented arrived in such a way.

This program code opens a back door ("Backdoor") on the haven 80 used for the Web. If no against Firewall stands for that, an aggressor can attain this way access to the PC. In case of success the aggressor can transfer further parasits then for example.

The Trojan horse Backdoor.Hesive is so far hardly common according to data of Symantec. They should open however access files for safety's sake only if they originate from trustworthy sources. Straight ones with unsolicited which are received Mail appendices should be anyway always distrustful you.

The safety gap used by Backdoor.Hesive is jet Data cousin engine in the Microsoft. The error is well-known since April 2005, an update of Microsoft, which closes this gap, is not available until today. From Microsoft there is so far also no statement whether now accelerated on an update one works.

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