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Microsoft: The Thickest BreakDowns
Date&Written by:(26.9.2005- Karan)
The thickest Microsoft breakdowns
Microsoft celebrates with proud chest its 30. Birthday - and the computer editorship congratulates, completely honestly! Which Bill Gates made and its friends in three decades from a small garage workshop earn the highest respect. That in 30 years always everything did not go completely smoothly - wants to be there all too mean who?

Gate: "users trust us"
"If i the last 30 years revue to happen leave", like that Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman and Chief software Architect, to the enterprise anniversary, "am I completely particularly proudly that we could have decided clearly for technologies like the graphic user surface or Web services and observe then, like it to something to have developed, on users day for day trust myself." So completely smoothly the three decades did not pass however.

Dilemma with three zeros
The "Jahr-2000-Problem" is already legendary. An error in the software architecture of older Windows versions ensured for the fact that many PCS stolperten over the turn of the century and stopped its service. The technical absence ride did not remain an individual case: Windows got the call to be a susceptible operating system.

Windows for whore?
Strange defects also during the operation: Misogynic produced the company approximately owing to a translation error. In the Spanish version of Windows XP the user was asked for the sex, whereby in some South American countries the Spanish word was used "hembra" (woman) as insult word and understood with whore.

Sinks to gates in Spam
Behind the blue front Bill Gates with the same problems strikes itself around as the simple foot people. Viagra and chest enlargements to the special price - the Microsoft founder receives according to Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Office from Microsoft, daily up to four million "Spam" Mails, unwanted advertising post office, and employs with it a whole department of its enterprise.

InterNet trend to over sleep
Originally the InterNet technology was not at all intended at Microsoft: Windows 95 was delivered still without each InterNet function. The Microsoft joint founder believed 1996 still to be able to offer with its own on-line service MSN the World Wide Web Paroli. Only as Netscape with its Browser the software giant ran over, woke up the market and struggled in a dirty fight the new competitor down.

The future becomes exciting
To 30. Gates are faced with firm anniversary and its head of the company, Steve Ballmer, new technology trend and competitor such as Google. Remains being waiting, which after the ceremonies remains. For 2006 Microsoft announced many new products - under it the new Office and the XP successor Windows Vista.

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